Barn Retreat

Barn Retreat

Barn Remodel, Hardscaping

Like most barns, this building was originally used for storage. The owners wanted to remake one end of the barn into a gathering space for parties and special events and convert the other into a high-end garage. The renovation included some minor architectural modifications yet strove to maintain the barn’s original charm and character.

The first task was to assess the structure to determine which areas needed rebuilding and which could remain mostly intact. One of the greatest challenges was opening the second floor down to the lower floor, a task which required new structural components that would seamlessly blend with the existing materials.

When all was said and done, we had taken a very challenging building—one that had shifted out of plumb and square in all directions—and wrangled it back into its optimal form, while re-envisioning its original purpose and transforming it into a remarkable space.

Brookes & Henderson

Project Manager: Jim Juskiw

Leadership: Bill Henderson


Architect: William H. Childs, Jr. & Associates

Interior Design: Pemberley Antiques & Interiors

Landscape Architect: Virginia Burt Designs