Colonial Revival

Colonial Revival

Interior Remodel

This historically significant Colonial Revival home was originally designed by Abram Garfield, the grandson of President James A. Garfield. It was built in 1929 for the daughter of Samuel A. Mather, a forefather of Cleveland’s industrial boom. Its unique features a central story-and-a-half structure with two symmetrical one-story gable roofs, which serve to form a pedestrian courtyard.

We were chosen to renovate the second-floor master suite. Gutting an existing bedroom, bath, and closet area on the second floor of a very well-appointed home was quite challenging. The first floor directly under the master suite still had the original plaster ceilings and moldings, which needed to be protected and preserved. We also faced the challenge of concrete floors in that area, which had to be drilled and cored to relocate the plumbing. With careful planning and a team of skilled craftspeople, we were able to integrate the new construction seamlessly into the existing home and leave it looking as if it had always been there—all without damage or disruption to the rest of the home.

Brookes & Henderson

Project Manager: Jim Juskiw

Leadership: Chris Brookes


Architect: William H. Childs, Jr. & Associates

Interior Design: Paul Dobrea