Design-Build vs. the Traditional Approach.

There’s a growing trend for builders to add design capabilities to their array of services. These so-called “design-build” services often allow a mid-level builder to streamline the construction process, enticing homeowners with the potential to achieve certain efficiencies. Yet when building a home at this level, having the builder and the architect under the same roof could mean the homeowner is losing more than they gain.

At this level, having a clear vision to drive the project is so important. Almost without exception, that vision is developed through collaboration between the property owner and an architect—and then brought to fruition by an experienced high-end builder. This separate-but-equal arrangement keeps vision and quality at the forefront. At Brookes & Henderson, our experience contributes to the construction process in ways that maintain and enhance the integrity and creativity of the original design. A clear vision allows us to do our best work, regardless of size or budget. We truly enjoy working with architects and owners whose visions challenge us to use advanced techniques, the highest quality materials, and to create innovative solutions.

The term “design-build” is a misnomer. The best projects put the vision first. When you choose design-build, you’re actually choosing “build-design,” which puts the builder first and frames things in an entirely different way. When a team of equal partners comes together, a team that consists of those who are among the best in their respective disciplines, valuable discussions occur centered around the project vision leading to remarkable results.

So if you’re at the starting point for a new project, we encourage you to consider the following questions: Is the one-size-fits-all approach of a design-build firm the best choice to meet your needs? Or do you prefer the traditional approach of assembling the best team to meet your vision? If it’s the latter, we encourage you to start with an architect or designer. Some of the most talented of whom are listed on our Partners page. And if you so desire, we can assist with pulling a great team together, as well.