How two ordinary guys ended up building the most extraordinary homes.

Two young men. One an industrial psychologist by training. The other, an environmental scientist. Neither set out to build a career in construction. Yet both found their passion for building after becoming exposed to the field. And more specifically, they both found their greatest satisfaction in building architecturally impressive structures to the highest standards of quality.

Yet this isn’t the type of construction one just stumbles into. It took Chris Brookes and Bill Henderson years of working closely with talented architects, interior designers, artisans, craftspeople, and tradesmen to develop their knowledge and unique philosophy of construction and project management. And each of them learned the hard way—by starting from the ground up.

By the time their paths crossed, when Bill had accepted a position at the same company as Chris, they had found themselves to be kindred spirits and recognized how perfectly each of their strengths and interests aligned.

The two had risen to become top principals in that company, and had planned to buy the company when the owner retired. But when the owner’s retirement plans changed, they struck out on their own, and the rest is history.

Even now, Chris Brookes and Bill Henderson remain the same humble, down-to-earth, pickup-truck-driving, jeans-wearing construction guys they’ve always been. And Brookes & Henderson still reflects their core passion, remaining strictly focused on building and construction management—eschewing the trend to add in-house capabilities in architecture and design. Instead, they prefer to take on the kinds of new and interesting challenges that come from working with top architects, designers, and other industry professionals from around the country, building the types of structures that win awards and grace the pages of such respected publications as Architectural Digest.