Property Management

The home building may end,
but the relationship-building continues.

Since our inception, Brookes & Henderson have always kept ongoing relationships with our customers to maintain and upgrade the homes we’ve built. We started Brookes & Henderson Services (BHS) as a way to formalize and systematize this relationship, to make sure nothing is overlooked or taken for granted.

BHS offers industry-leading services for ongoing care of your home and property. Inspired by on-site groundskeepers and maintenance staff of estates of old, BHS provides the ultimate level of service. And since our building team and BHS team collaborate, they’re able to share new techniques and ideas, ensuring your property is always kept up-to-date and well maintained.

The process begins with a thorough inspection of the property. Working together we develop plans for repairs, scheduled maintenance, future additions/alterations, and more, based on the home and owners’ specific needs.

Our experience and familiarity with your property mean everything we do will complement current systems and infrastructure. And, of course, the work always meets our extraordinarily high standards for quality and craftsmanship.

BHS is committed to protecting and enhancing the value of residential properties by working with homeowners to develop a program of ongoing care and maintenance.

BHS will also consider providing maintenance services for properties not built by Brookes & Henderson. Contact us to learn more.