Our Process

At this level, general contracting is no longer general, it’s highly specialized.

Building at this level requires a certain expertise that can’t be found with just any general contractor. Our experience working with the finest architects, designers, artisans, and tradespeople have given us hard-earned insights into managing every aspect of high-end construction. Such experience ensures excellent relationships across all disciplines and instills a culture of quality that permeates every aspect of the project, from planning to completion.

Our process follows a well-defined path from inception to finished construction to ongoing service and maintenance, as described in the phases below:

Project Development

Project development clarifies needs and goals. It’s where expectations are communicated and important requirements are highlighted. During this phase, as preliminary schematics evolve into detailed drawings we work closely with homeowners, architects and designers to bring even the most ambitious plans to life. This is where our history—as both construction managers and general contractors—adds significant value. Our experience gives us insights regarding how to do things more efficiently and improve outcomes while remaining true to the integrity and creativity of the original design. Our approach to scheduling and budgeting ensures that crucial inter-dependencies are accounted for, creating efficient coordination of labor and materials, as the building phase begins.


Building starts the moment we break ground. From this point on, we serve as a central communications hub, ensuring vital information—such as progress updates, change orders, scheduling alterations—flows freely among our project partners, subcontractors, and tradespeople. Our leadership remains actively involved and works closely with the assigned on-site project manager. Our project managers perform regular inspections to maintain a safe environment, monitor quality, and ensure adherence to schedules.

Building at this level requires experience with rare and valuable woods, stone, metals, and other finishes—how to store them, how to acclimate them before use, specialized tools and processes for installation, etc. Our background in the installation of elaborate mechanical systems, information technology, acoustics and sound control, zoned climate control, and other special amenities and equipment ensure you have the proper infrastructure in place before interior finishing begins. The true value of our experience becomes evident as construction concludes and the post-project review phase begins.

Post-Project Review

At Brookes & Henderson, we view construction holistically: from project development onwards; we have carefully considered the entire lifecycle of your home, addressing ease-of-maintenance and anticipating future needs.

As physical construction ends and move-in preparations are underway, we gather all documentation including information regarding appliances, security systems, irrigation, IT and electrical infrastructure, home maintenance schedules, warranties, as-built drawings, and more. The project manager performs a final inspection and walks the property with a Brookes & Henderson Services (BHS) technician to make sure even the most minor details are addressed. BHS then presents the documentation to the homeowners, making sure they’re fully informed about care and maintenance.

Brookes & Henderson Services also offers industry-leading services for ongoing care of your home and property. Learn more about BHS.