Rowdy Meadow

Rowdy Meadow

New Construction, Hardscaping, Pool, Art Installations

Featured in the January 2020 issue of Architectural Digest, this new home was created by Peter Pennoyer Architects. The design, which draws upon the Arts & Crafts tradition, features stucco walls, stone details, and a slate roof. It also embraces the crystalline aesthetic of the briefly lived style of Czech Cubism (1911-14)—a precursor to German Expressionism and Art Deco—which is distinguished by its prismatic forms.

Brookes & Henderson were tasked with coordinating a team of individuals and companies from around the world, gathering specialized materials, and harnessing rare talents to bring this visionary project to fruition. With an eye toward the owners’ plans for the property, we were entrusted with constructing everything to distinctive quality standards. The result was, as you can see, quite amazing.

Brookes & Henderson

Project Manager: Joe Volpe

Project Manager: Steve Anderson

Leadership: Chris Brookes


Architect: Peter Pennoyer Architects

Interior Design: Peter Pennoyer Interior Design

Landscape Architect: Reed Hilderbrand