What quality means.

What is quality? To many of our customers, quality is what they see and experience in the final product: The tightness of fit and matching woodgrain across a joint. The feel of turning a well-made doorknob. The thickness of a wall. The quietness and privacy of effective soundproofing. These are but a few of the myriad details we attend to when building a home.

Yet, the true essence of quality is more than just the finished product; it’s rooted in everything from management style to personal and professional relationships, and even in scheduling and budgeting. And, of course, it’s the talent, experience, passion and skill of all those involved.

To engender and nurture the level of quality we adhere to, we have developed a steadfast focus on the following five tenets:

  1. Communication: We make sure everyone involved—the homeowners, our partners, tradespeople, etc.—has the information they need to make effective and timely decisions and complete their work to meet our standards. We accomplish this by providing and granting open access to an effective platform that clearly tracks and updates the details for every key decision point throughout the building process.
  2. Fiduciary Responsibility: To begin with, we have a unique way of presenting a project budget based on the chronological order of construction rather than categories of materials for procurement. We’ve learned that this makes the budget more natural to understand for those homeowners and team members who don’t have an extensive background in construction management. Also, by framing the budget in this manner, opportunities for adding value and capturing efficiencies are revealed—opportunities that wouldn’t be as readily apparent under the traditional approach to writing a budget.
  3. Integrity: Not every builder has the privilege of constructing homes at this level. It’s a privilege we work hard to protect because it allows us to showcase our skills and passion for quality. The only way to earn this privilege is to build and maintain a solid reputation—not just for quality and craftsmanship, but also for integrity and ethical business practices. Work with the best. We treat them the best. And we do our best at all times.
  4. Collaboration: We believe the key to effective collaboration lies in the ability to build upon shared values. With architects and designers, it is our appreciation for aesthetics and attention to detail. With tradespeople and craftspeople, it’s sharing the desire to do our best work without cutting corners. With homeowners, it’s the desire to build something of beauty, comfort, and lasting value. When we collaborate through shared values, we each can move forward with purpose and confidence.
  5. Goal Focus: Every project begins with a set of defined goals. As a project progresses, however, unexpected issues and inconvenient realities may sometimes make it challenging to remain focused on the end goals rather than immediate necessities. We see it as our responsibility to help keep the project focused on the desired goals and the result—essentially, enduring quality and customer satisfaction.